Another Site Here where the Counter Does Not Work 100%...A Possible Solution?

I noticed after doing a quick search in these forums, that the counter functionality is not an uncommon problem.

It does the same thing on my website in most browsers:

After inspecting the code in Chrome (F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I) that after taking the desktop browser from full width (my monitor is 1920 pixels wide) down to around 992 pixels, the counter numbers suddenly appear, as if they are coded to to be responsive for only medium width devices.

This may give a clue as to why this is not working for a lot of people. Is there a quick way to fix this so that browser screens of all sizes can view the counter numbers? Thanks.

Hey there

Scott, I tried your site in many different viewports but numbers are always appearing, can you share the screenshot?
Indeed, there were several reports but yet I was not able to catch the problem,

Here is a screenshot in Firefox. But in all browsers, there is a point at which the counters do not appear.

The problem is that I cant replicate it on my side, here is video capture: