Appearance>Header goes to Appearance>Customize

I have a very odd problem, which may be due to WP more than the theme? I am not sure.

When I go to Appearance>Header, I am sent to the Appearance>Customize page. It’s annoying since my last modification of the theme is to upload the logo for the site.

I did make sure WP and the theme (and all plugins) are updated.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

That’s the change introduced with WordPress 4.1. Custom header image is now part of WordPress Customizer with no way to bring it back unless you want to switch back to some outdated version of WordPress. Custom header image has the same functionality as before but it looks different as its part of Customizer.

Play around this option to see that it’s the same thing but in a different place.

Thanks. I want to upload a site logo but don’t see where to do it. Is it somewhere under Customize?

I just want to clarify that I am already did the custom header. What I am looking for is the option to upload a logo for the site.

It doesn’t have both. Original header height is 76px, so there is no way to fit both logo and Custom Header image unless stretching everything. You can always add your directly via header.php

A simple image HTML code looks like this:

<a href="" title="Colorlib" class="main-logo">
	<img src="" alt="Colorlib">