Ararat Template

Hi everyone, is there anyone with a working contact form code for Ararat Template? Just bought it but the code is absolutely horrible and the contact form doesn’t work at all. Thanks in advance.

Hey there

This is what you need: PHP Form Handling

Thank you for your answer. I know that I need a properly written email handler.php file.
The problem is that the properly working contact form and its handler file should be included in the theme as advertised, but it’s not. I was wondering if anybody on the forum has the correct code for this faulty website template.


I understand you, we did not include such files because in general its matter of user configuration, settings and security,

Well, something else is written in the description of the template.
It should be a matter of changing a destination email address in the .php contact form handler file nothing else unless someone wants to add extra stuff.


I’m sorry, I understand the situation, if the form handling file is not included in the downloaded package then it was not developed and description needs to change, usually there are no form handling files included in the packages