Archive by Kategories (past event dates)

Hi there,

for my shapeley <> site I try to build an archive for all the events which have been announced in the past months or years. (Top menu / über uns / Archive / Alles seit 2019)

Coming events for specific months are all announced under top menu “Veranstaltungen”. Thats all fine. I thought I could use the archive widget for this. But this one obviously only lists after the publish date of each blog entry. Thats not what I need, publishing date of an event is not the same than the event itself. Events which are shown under “Veranstaltungen” are all sorted by by categories and not by publishing date. I can’t figure out how to use the same sorting for the archive function.

Any ideas how to manage this? Any suggestion is very welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Chris

I’m sorry, but there is no such option or feature in the theme to handle only past events from your archive and separate theme from the publish list, this will require some custom work to create such page

Thnx, now i know that i don‘t have to search in shapeleys „tool box“. Maybe there’s a third party plugin for my needs … any hint is still very welcome


Sorry, but I can’t suggest :frowning: I cant recall the plugin for such a question, try to do a research