Archive/Meta login removal - remove default widgets from WordPress sidebar


Thank you so much for this theme! It is perfect :slight_smile:

I would like to remove the Archive/Meta section on the right sidebar from all pages. I know I can simply select Full-width page on each of my posts but on certain pages I like the look of the wording and the style of the page having a right sidebar even if it is blank. I have attached a screen capture on the section I would like removed.

I added code from another topic that Mr. Aigars answered but it didn’t work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Never mind, I fixed it by adding the following code:

.widget {
display: none;


However, I do have another question… Is there any kind of way that the Search bar could be coded to search inventory or products versus it searching for topics from posts?

:frowning: geez… I didn’t think that code through. Using the code above won’t allow any widgets on the side. Is there any kind of way to remove Archive & Meta login without disabling addition of any other widgets?

Adding any new widget will replace default ones, so no need to remove anything as WordPress will do it for you.

Let me know if this helps.