Archive Page & Other

I was wondering if there is a way to remove the word archive to an archive page? Currently I set up a custom post type of “designs” and I want to link the archive page to the main menu to display my work. In the header currently it shows ARCHIVES:DESIGNS, and I just want it to say DESIGNS

In addition is there any way to duplicate the projects widget? I like how that displays on the front page and I would like to keep “projects” separate from “designs” but have them both display on the front page if possible. If not I would like to set up the “designs” page to have a duplicate projects widget for just “design” post types. I hope I explained this well… :slight_smile:

I know I’m asking a lot of questions, I just switched to wordpress and still figuring everything out!


Hello @azeller19,

Try going to your FTP server inside wp-content > themes > illdy > inc > template-tags.php
There you will find the header information.

Unfortunately, I cannot assist you with the other issues since you are pretty limited to the default layout and it would require extensive custom coding.

Best regards