Assigning a license to my account

Hi, I can see you have made some new changes to your website. I also see that I can no longer use your solutions. You propose to buy a License: CC BY 3.0, but I already have one, and it is dedicated to an unlimited number of templates available on your website. What now ? Previously, I could not create an account, now this is required, will my license transfer to the new account?

Regards Grzegorz

Hey Grzegorz,

You will get access to all Colorlib templates. The problem is that we recently launched the new system and the old data is not transferred in full. But you can be sure that you will get access.

You reassured me, but I am interested in another thing.
When I bought the licenses, I did not have a colorlib account before.
I even looked for the option to create an account, because it seemed strange that I could not create this account if I wanted to buy something. I hope you are telling the truth and you will restore my license data for all templates. Like something, the license was bought to the e-mail address from which he communicates with you now.


PS. I like your portal!

Your email address is fully enough to create your account in the new system, so stay tuned, your purchase will not be lost