At my Witts END! Need Help Help me Obie Wan Kenobi figure out the rest

I think I am totally doing this wrong. The videos I am seeing look nothing like what I am working with. I have Shapley downloaded and I am trying to set up my storefront. I am trying to redirect the buttons to different pages and such, nope haven’t figured that out. I am trying to also figure out my social media handles and how to redirect those links as well, guess what, NOPE I still have not figured that one out as well.

You can ask me how to make pate choux and I can walk you through that like it was brain surgery. This stuff, well, I need a little help…

Hey there

Thanks for the super-duper title :smiley:

All I understand is you cant figure it out, but what exactly is the probelm? you set it and it’s not working? you cant set it? you cant find it?
I want to replicate your problem but I cant, please add steps, screenshot and link to the website


So these buttons just send you to the top of the page not the page I want

Hi @Kingpin

Sorry, but the screenshot is not attached, please try again, or host it somewhere else and share the link
also, please provide direct link to the site

If this works, you should see the page and the button along with the social media icons that I was referencing.

Here are two screenshots. I need to get this rectified ASAP so I can merge the old site with this new one. Do you offer phone support? This waiting a day or two is for the birds…

Sorry, we don’t have Phone support

I’m sorry but your question still remains unclear, I got you to have a problem with clients setion but that is your problem?
here is the video that shows this process:

I’m interested in what you cant do? what is not working? what is the problem?
unfortunately this was never mentioned in the thread even I asked it :frowning: