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I was really happy with this new theme. I really like minimalism theme just plain white, simple, responsive and it comes with a nice slider and it’s free, many thanks in coming up with this theme.

I am currently tweaking my wp and set it in private mode. I have read all posted here and help me. But I cannot find the only one thing I would like to change, the Author name meta.

In a single post entry the date and the author name are showing under the title post. I would like the Author name Link in my googleplus instead.

I found this code under the content-single.php :

<div class=“entry-meta”>
<?php dazzling_posted_on(); ?>

if a delete it the whole date and author name are deleted

i have change it with this :

<div class=“entry-meta”>
<?php the_time(‘jS’); ?> day in the month
of <?php the_time(‘F’); ?> in the year of
<?php the_time(‘Y’); ?>

and it works only the dazzling icon and i do not know how to link the author in googleplus

i would like to show the dazzling icon date and author but i really don’t know

thanks in advance

The best option here would be to just use WordPress SEO plugin. It will not replace your author link with one from Google plus but it will help you to verify your Google Authorship using information in your meta information.

It is much better and easier solution and you can see it implemented on our website as well if you check source for this blog entry or any other on our blog.

Thank you for the reply/help/reference. I have fix it. I am not really good with all this .php :slight_smile: but it’s working anyway and it’s not breaking anything on my site and it’s working well with all my plugins.

Maybe others would like to tweak it like this I want to share it. It’s working on my site , I’m on Mac but I haven’t check it on IE.

from: {content-single.php}

<div class=”entry-meta”>
<?php dazzling_posted_on(); ?>

to: author link in G+

<div class=“posts-link”>
Posted by <?php the_author_link(); ?> on the <?php the_time(‘jS’); ?>, <?php the_time(‘F’); ?> <?php the_time(‘Y’); ?>

I also followed your footer.php suggestion [ ]
but i kept it on the right and the rest is by the slider option footer text, and I remove the sidebar.

For the featured photo for slider I follow your suggestion 1920x550 crop size and it works perfectly.

check it

thanks again for this wonderful theme . more power .

Thank you for coming back and explaining what you did to make it work so other can benefit from this as well.

Awesome use of Dazzling Wordpress theme!