'Author' template bug: button not clickable


I bought the license for the ‘Author’ website template. So far looks good, but I have one problem.

In the top part (hero-wrap) there is a button with the text “Buy now for $22.78”. This button is not clickable on large screens in the original template. Strangely, in smaller screens (tablet, mobile).

You can check it on Colorlib’s preview: https://colorlib.com/preview/#author

The problem is only in the hero-wrap section. A similar button (with classes btn btn-primary) is clickable elsewhere on the page on all screen sizes.

Could you help or fix the bug in the template?


Hi Zoltan

please remove this overlay div from the page markup: Screenshot by Lightshot


Based on that I was able to find an even better solution: add the missing z-index=1 to

@media (min-width: 992px) {
.hero-wrap .slider-text .one-forth {

in the scss/css file


Nice to hear you found a solution :slight_smile: