Auto-scroll/position Menu

HI! I really love the Shapely theme but there’s one feature that I just cannot seem to find. Is it possible to have the menu links move to a certain position on the page? Sorry if my terminology is off, but I’m looking for something like what is shown on the Illdy theme:

When I click on About, the page scrolls down to the “About” section. Is this even possible on Shapely? What is this feature even called?

Any and all help would be amazing. Thanks in advance!!

Digging into it more, it seems like this has something to do with the HREF and anchors. Is this customizable?


You can use some techniques like this,

Let us know,


Thank you so much, @laranz!

I tried the plug-in but am having trouble assigning the anchors on the widget. I’m sure I’m missing something here, but any help and guidance would be extremely helpful.

Thanks again!

@laranz I think i just figured it out. Thanks so much for your help here!

I’m going to recommend this theme to all my friends!

Hi @bowquivers,

Wow, that is happy to hear, that your issue is solved and for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

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