Auto scrolling to top at load (how to stop that?)

I use The Web Template “Medical” from colorlib.
At this project I can’t link to an anchor from an external site.
The target site jumps to the anchor for a second and than scrolls to the top.
The function for this seems to be located in: js/vendor/jquery-2.2.4.min.js
(If I disable that script it stops doing it but it’s generated and I can’t find in there where it forcing the scroll up)
Has someone an idea how to stop it (preferred) or a work around?

Hi there

This is HTML template, you have to customize it if you want to change the logic of working

Hello Noda,

That is what my question is about: How do I change that.
Where is this function called and I can disable it?

Hi Medical

Well, you can change or remove the classes, or add new ID’s, there are different ways on how to fix it, these are HTML templates and they are provided as is, if you want to make any modification or changes you have to make them yourself

Hello Noda,

After looking more deeply into the matter I figured it’s not about just manipulating a HTML Template,
but you have some bugs in your (machine generated) Java Script code!
Which even an experienced programmer doesn’t touch, but what I assume you are using in more than one template.

I found my way to work around (more or less) but I am not sure how important the quality of your products is to you? In case a DEVELOPER likes to get more information, you got my contact.

Best Regards

Thank you for sharing your experience,

Dear Spidermoose, please consider we are creating all these products for free, there might be some issues in the particular product but this does not mean all the products are buggy, even major software companies have bugs in their products and this is natural