Awesome Magazine previous free and payed version

I downloaded 1-2 years ago template Awesome Magazine, when it was free.
There are some unfinished code in it.
In example. in contact menu, e-mail send box you push the “send” button, your message is sent in the background, but it gives no feedback, the message “sent succesfully”, not displayed.

My question: If I buy this template, errors are corrected, is this a complete version? - or this will be the same version as the free-downloaded version?


Hey there

Steven, it’s the same again, no backend functionality is provided in the HTML templates


Thanks for the answer.

This is not backend functionality we talk about. And you (and others) providing this in case of other HTML templates.
It is just a simple feedback message, what php displayes, when you push the button in the message box ‘Send’, then every template displays “The email/message successfully sent!” .
If somebody purchase this template, I think it must work. (Your Burger theme uses the same unfinished plugin, same programmer made it)

So if it is the same, it is no reason to buy it.
Please inform me if maybe it is corrected.


hey there
\Main reason users buy it is to remove credits from the theme, other than this you will have exact same files, license is to obtain rights to remove the credit :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand the main reason. Please don’t shift the liability.
It’s just my feedback, outside my inquiry. - that if the most of the website templates has an operational send message box what sends the proper notification to the brower, and 1-2 templates doesn’t have, - than your possible customers may say - this is a low quality service to sell templates with imperfect code. I suggest you contact the designer/programmer who made them (Burger and Awesome Magazine template I know about) and ask him/her to finish the codes to display status notifications. This is not more than 2-3 lines. And then you will have satisfied customers. If I had bought this template for money I might have asked a refund.
I would buy them after to have the right to remove the credit:)
Best regards.

@StevenP thanks for your recommendation, yes, I agree with you that would be definitely better, we will consider your suggestion, its very important