Back button removes margin between posts on homepage.

This theme is great. Problem I have is when I click a post, then back, the front page posts all join together top to bottom and lose all margins between them. pennyloopsbowtique dot com

Please check if the same thing happens on my demo site:

And what web browser do you use?

On a mac, confirmed with safari, chrome & firefox, as well as mobile android.

I did change the header max values. could that have done it. I just noticed after adding more posts that it overlaps the footer as well. No it does not happen on your demo. Even weirder is that when I resize the window small and then large again, they rearrange on the fly and then go back into place with the margins corrected. clicking on one and then back causes the problem all over again.

Simple size adjustments shouldn’t cause this kind of problems. There must be some conflict with other JavaScript based plugins. Try disabling plugins and see which one cases these problems.