back to the top button and blog navigation

Hi there would be great to have a back to the top button for this theme, any chance? also when I click on my blog section and go into the individual posts when I click on my primary navigation menu it does not go back to the homepage sections, it just says it cannot connect to the server!! Any help appreciated for this great theme. Thanks

Hello @dunster72,

Have a look here on how to set up a back to top button:

Can you please send me the website link to check out the blog posts navigation malfunction?
I suspect there is some sort of wrongfully setup of the menu, as it’s working as supposed on the demo page:

PS: You can choose a private reply if you don’t want to make your website public, in case you are not still on local development.


hi there my site is I have a holding page on it just now but if you require to login to the wordpress dashboard I can provide login details.

Kind regards

Hello @dunster72,

I cannot see the website.
If you can provide me temporary access that would be great.

Have you encountered troubles setting up the back to top button?

hi there, yes i cannot get the button to function. I have it placed where it should be and I have added all the code but when clicked on it does not got to the top. Thanks

Website is I will take off the holding page for a few hours just now for you. Thanks again

hi again also how do i change the main header image on my blog page. At the moment when I click on my blog from the front page it goes direct to my blog page but as you know in there I am not sure how to change the header text and the navigation buttons don’t take me back to the homepage sections. Also I tested my site out on my iPad tablet and when viewed in landscape the main navigation displays fine but when I rotate it to portrait the main navigation disappears as if it has run out of space to display!! any ideas as to why this is happening. Thanks again

Sorry about this again but is it possible to create a paragraph/line space between a sentence in the projects ENTRY text section At the moment all my text here flows but I cannot create a paragraph space after one of my full stops. thanks again as always

Hello @dunster72,

Is it possible to send me temporary admin dashboard access to investigate your issues?

I cannot tell why the back to top button is not working, you don’t have any console errors and if you followed the above steps everything should work as expected, since I have tried it myself and also sent it to someone else.

About the menu, it seems like you need to go to Dashboard > Appearances > Menus and delete any http/https in front of your website name, so it choose for itself.

For the mobile menu issue, try to add this CSS code to Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css or via other methods, should do the trick:

@media only screen and (max-width: 992px){
.open-responsive-menu {
display: block !important;

The paragraph line spacing is quite a delicate issue, I still have to get more infos from the developers if they are going to add the support for this, otherwise I need to send you a custom workaround that is quite messy.


username: appliedpr
password:Appliedpr2016 (case sensitive)

thanks again


I have added some custom code to the Appearances > Edit CSS page:

#services .section-content .service .service-entry,
#projects p {
	text-align: left;

I would sincerely recommend using text-align: justify; instead of the current one.

For now, I can’t to nothing about the subtitles formatting, I’m still waiting for the developers to give me some info about this and if it will get included in the next theme update.

I cannot locate the menu problem, maybe you can point it out. But I deleted the http:// from the custom links so they should function better now.

Also, I have fixed your back to top button, you didn’t really went through all the steps.

Best regards

Than you i have to say the support you guys give is second to none and by far the best I have come across in all my years using Wordpress. I will definently use your themes again.

kind regards