Back to Top?

Is there code to add in a scroll “back to top” small arrow or button for the bottom of each section in Illdy?

Hello Marcee,

Your request falls good outside the support plan, but I will track this and will consider to add a “back to top” arrow in a future update.

You can try getting some simple code from like this one, but it requires some custom coding: (this one in particular needs an image link replacement).

I hope this gets you forward.

Best regards

Thanks for considering it. I’ll check out the code you linked.

Ahh… I have no idea how to put html coding into php stuff…
I guess there’s no way to just grab the little arrow thingy from your activello theme and apply it to illdy, huh? Oh well. Appreciate the response anyway.

Hello @marcee,

Can you please send me an email address so I can provide you a quick guide on how to achieve the back to top functionality?

For some reasons I cannot add scripts to this body message and also it does not allow me to add a document with it.

Need to investigate this, as well :slight_smile:

PS: Thank you for all the activity around here, you were quite helpful

Oh wow, sure! Thank you!
It’s [email protected] ('Cause I’m a nerd who has been using aol since forever)

So yeah, the back to top feature would be great… and figuring out how to add some html functionality to the entries for services and team would make everything perfect. I really appreciate you - I’m brand new to this whole wordpress-theme-thing and your theme is really fantastic and I’ve learned so much - so thank you!