Background and Text color

I apologize for the trivial question, but I really tried everything … even following the forum, but I could not change the color for background and fonts …
I would like to do it on all pages, what should I do? Do I need to change in some CSS?
I’m using the “Photon” template

Thank you

Hi there

Where exactly? Let me see it, please provide a direct link to the page and reference you want to make changes


I need to change the background to black in the page and also in the gallery where appears the images… and the text should be white.


Hi @furda

So, basically, you want to change the style of the theme from white-black to black-white?
that’s lot of modification I guess, the easiest thing, in this case, is to find all black colors in your CSS files and change them to white, same for white color.
Please note, you need to have experience working with HTML/CSS

Hi, thankyou
Yes I have experience working with html …

I tried to change all black to white and vice versa …but nothing happens -.-’’

I’ll try again next days


Ok, working knowledge with HTML/CSS is necessary here, lot of things need to be changed, and only with several lines of CSS is not enough here.

One tip, you can search for black colors in your CSS files and change them to white, do the same for white color