bb press'' plugin use problem of newspaper x theme.

Hi, I have installed ‘’ bb press’’ plugin successfully in news paper x theme. but i can not use properly. when i login, i can not find any Forum option that i have created in wordpress website.

Problem-2. I can not login this website as a general visitor by another email. when i try to login as a general visitor, then it demand my website login email and password. so, how can a general visitor visit my website and
how can he will create accounts and get a topic easily. i am connected screenshot here.

hey there

First of all, do you know how to use Bbpress? your questions i think is more bbpress related than theme, :slight_smile:
If you are sure if you have all setups correctly please activate one of default wordpress theme and check if bbpress works normally, if you see problem is only in our theme then i will investigate your problem