bbPress support for Travelify WordPress theme

Hi Aigars,

Great work on this theme. Would look forward to more great stuff from you.

Here is a bug you may want to look into – install bbpress and go to

Page is broken, rest of bbpress seems to be working fine

This theme is not optimized for bbPress or BuddyPress. A lot of things needs to be done to optimize for these platforms. I might bring bbPress and BuddyPress support one day but I can’t give you exact release date on that.

Thanks for replying Aigars… I am so sorry – I meant bbpress plugin for wordpress (not standalone bbpress), dunno if that makes a difference :-/

Actually I have tested everything with travelify on a wordpress 3.5.2 with bbpress plugin – everything else works beautifully except for views page that displays list of topics or forum. So http: // / forums fails to load … …. On other bbpress pages, its loading fine –

I know I am pushing my luck but I am reasonably sure I can make it work by changing a template or two, but was wondering if you can point me in right direction.

Another bug you may want to look into – functions.min.js file that you are loading in travelify/functions/functions.php is interfering with jquery and hence breaks wp reviews plugin

I will look into this but I will take more time. Will let you know once I know more about this problem.
However, bbPress and WordPress shares most of the code so it seems that plugin is very similar to standalone bbPress installation.

btw, are you developing this site locally or it is hosted on some web host?

Locally. Though can quickly upload the same to hosting if that helps.

I do have an update. Seems like bbpress is looking for a bbpress specific templates in wordpress theme and as a fallback when same is not found it uses its own default templates, however somehow it is using travelify’s root templates for forum and topic archives.

I solved that by copying additional bbpress templates into theme’s root directory though that makes me lose the sidebar (which was expected). Would love to get an expert solution from you though.

Ok, thank you for info. I managed to make it work and found that it was using archive.php for forum. Since archive has excerpt enabled it shows forum via WP excerpt functionality.

Which means that you can replace

< ?php the_excerpt(); ?>

< ?php the_content(); ?>
in the archive loop in content-extensions.php and forum will work properly, with sidebar etc. But this means that all regular archives like categories and tags will show full content instead of just excerpt.

Will see what is the best solution to create another loop for forum page. Have to do some research in bbPress codex.

It is possible to insert a snippet like:

if (post-type = bbp-topic) or (post-type = bbp-forum) or (…) then the_content() else the_excerpt()

How look it?

Find travelify_theloop inside content-extensions.php and replace

if( is_page() ) {


if( is_page() || is_bbpress() ) {

Not the cleanest solution around but it will get the job done

Okay, thanks! But why coudn’t be the code a support for bbPress?

There are some more tweaks required to make it work under any circumstances as not it doesn’t check if plugin is enabled/installed as it assumes that it is. Proper support will be available eventually via theme update.

Sounds great! I hope it happens.