Beginner Questions - Home Page, Footer and Image Crop

I’m a newbie to Activello. I like the theme for its simplicity and easy of use. I have a few basic questions. I’m sorry if these have been addressed before - I’m unable to view attachments on older posts for some reason.

  1. I would like to have a static home page and a separate blog page. When I installed Activello, I noticed that my website (not published yet) points to the blog page by default and WordPress does not let me set a static home page anymore.
    What I would like is: (static home page) and (blog)
    Is this possible with Activello?

  2. I would like to have a “Privacy Policy” section in the footer. However, I can only customize it with static text. Any way to include a navigation menu on the footer?

  3. As I have seen in some previous posts on featured image (eg. Featured Images and Slider), I’m having issues with the featured image getting cropped on the blog home page where it summarizes blogs. This happens when I use a left or right sidebar - no issue when I use full-size for the posts. However, I would like to have a right sidebar with recent comments, categories etc… so, how can I scale-down the featured image properly on the blog home page?

Any help/pointers will be greatly appreciated.


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Hey there

thank you for choosing Activello :slight_smile:

  1. It can be changed from the WordPress settings, but you will lose default appearance of the theme
  2. Sorry, not possible but you can add links in the text box
  3. sorry, but yes, featured images are cropped by default, thats how it designed

Thanks for your response. I have some follow-up questions.

  1. Can you guide me on where to find the WordPress settings to display a static home page? Is it the “Site URL” under General Settings?
  2. I tried inserting a link in the Footer and it doesn’t seem to work. Any CSS changes I need for that?

Thanks for your help.


  1. All possible methods can be found here: How to Change Your WordPress Homepage (3 Methods)
  2. may I take a look? please share screenshot, try this method: HTML Links Hyperlinks