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Got two semi-related questions, in that they’re both about a possible customization in the portfolio section that I can’t get my head around, involving As of now, on the general category page of the portfolio, clicking the images will open them through a Lightbox widget, and when that is disabled, will just load the image itself. What I’d like it to do, is by clicking on the image linking through to the portfolio page itself, just like the title above does. Any way to make that happen through some custom CSS or anything?

Secondly, when you do get to the portfolio page of a specific painting, underneath there are two links displayed to the previous and next painting. Although I’d like to keep the links, I would like it to just say “Next” and “Previous” instead of giving the name of the page it links to. Would that be possible too?

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Hello Victor

  1. Shapely has an option in portfolios to add the link and open them in a new page, have you tried it?
  2. this is not possible by css, customization of the template is necessary for such changes

In regard to the first - could you point me to that option? I can’t seem to find it, but I might just be a bit thick…

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i can show you, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.

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User name: [email protected]
Password: Mansjuffer



“What I’d like it to do, is by clicking on the image linking through to the portfolio page itself” - Well, I’m just checking and its working like you want it, when I click on the portfolio image portfolio page is opened

Is this fixed?

Sorry, I think I didn’t make myself entirely clear. Yes, from the home page it does link correctly. However, when I click on a certain project from the project type page, i.e. Olieverf op canvas – Jeroen Hermkens – lithograaf en schilder , clicking on the image will link the image, not the page. That’s what I would like to see changed.

Really appreciating your help here, btw!

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Well, here it’s not possible, you can only use the title to enter in the portfolio if you want i can help you to disable the link to the image, so, you won not be able to click on image

That would be a solution too. If you’ve got some CSS for me that would enable that, or anything, that would be great.

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS .entry-content p:last-child a img {
pointer-events: none;

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