Best pic size for Newspaper X

Hello guys, i test Newspaper X for my blog new theme and seems it very nice, but I want to ask a question, could you advise what’s the best size for photos in the post that will friendly for the thumbnails?


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The post thumbnails images are 550x360 on desktop. How I believe you can use some of the various plugins for regenerating thumbnails to generate the desired thumbnails for your site.

Here’s a sample plugin that might help.

Colorlib Support Team

Hi Ziggy

Where exactly? can you show me? are you talking about featured images?
Basically there is no restriction in the using different size images in the theme

HI Noda,
sorry my question not very clear,
yes i want to know the best size for each function such as featured images/ posts/thumbnails.

Thank you

Hi Ziggy

We don’t have documented such thing as is best image sizes in the theme, basically, you can use any image size but recommend is to use HD images, also, more important is to decide the style of the image, if you use landscape style images instead of portrait then you may have some crop effect, browse our demo to see the styles of our images

You can also use inspect tools to check image size we are using on our demo

HI Noda, many appreciate your recommendation, may I ask one more question about this theme in this topic, is there any short codes can use in the post for output different style,

Thanks again.

Hi Ziggy

Sure thing, but what exactly you mean in this? “is there any short codes can use in the post for output different style,” tell me a little bit more