Big problem with tags

Hi. I have very big problem with TAGs on this theme.
I create the new content, and add tags. Next , after time… search in google with use TAG (for test: OBRAZ DOROSŁEGO
DZIECKA DYSFUNKCYJNEGO) and … i see tag on result in google.

My problem is… whenever site show only TAG NAME and BAD ARTICLE from my entries… WHY?

Look for test:
have results:

i will clik:

and have:

FOR ANY TAG i have only ONE PAGE , with name of tag and article “LĘK I STRACH, ATAK PANIKI - KOMPLETNY PORADNIK” … This is bad article. Under the tag, there should be a valid article.

My site:

Please help…
I’m losing traffic because of this error

Hey there

I have different results on the test, please take a look here:
Also, there is a problem with the tags which is already powered to the developer, tags are not filtering rights posts and we are waiting for the update of this problem

When this problem can be solved?
This is big problem.
I have waiting? or change theme? Please help.

Hi @kamilkluczbork

Have you seen my previous reply? please check it :slight_smile: