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Hi Illdy support, I’d like to make my logo bigger on the top of the page - is this possible?

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You can try achieving this by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

/*increase font-size*/
#header img{

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Hi support, thanks for this. Although this script does make my logo larger it also makes it blurry… It doesn’t seem to matter what the resolution of the logo is it is blurry regardless. Can you help further?

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If you had a very small image then when it is resized then it would look blurry so you need to add a larger version of the image so it will not lose quality when it is resized.

Also, please try using the following plugin to regenerate the images:

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This doesn’t seem to help it just skews/stretches the dimensions of the logo. The file size is around 150kb which from my understanding should be fine for this application. Any other ideas?

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You need to upload a higher resolution version of the image so that it will not lose quality when it is resized.

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I have tried multiple versions of the logo resized. Mine is blurry as well.

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@hollylane please provide url of your website and i will take a look

Your logo is veeeery small, you have to upload bigger size log, at this moment 150px image is resized 3 times and that’s the reason why its so blurry, just try bigger logo, something like: 400*200px

I am also having the same problem. I wanted to start the website with our logo against the background.

This code suggestion is the only one that makes the logo bigger, but mine is also blurry. I tried one 600X560 and then another 1200x1128. They both look exactly the same…there but blurry. I put the exact same in the footer and it looks perfect.

Please help. The logo is the first thing seen and so first impression. Blurry not a good first impression.

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please provide a link to your website


We’re seeing the same issue too. It’s because when you upload the logo you’re forced to crop it down to a certain size, but the CSS change above just scales up that cropped version which makes it blurry.

Is it possible to skip cropping when selecting a logo?


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