Blank Category Pages in Travelify WordPress theme

When I try to add a page to the blog from a particular post category, I get a blank page. I’ve tried disabling all the plugins without success. When I activate Twenty Fourteen theme the category pages work, so I’m assuming it’s an issue with the theme. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Not sure what you mean by this:

I try to add a page to the blog from a particular post category

Could you please clarify?

I am more than certain that category pages are working fine as you can see them on Travelify theme demo.

Let me know more details and will try to help you from there. Also it wouldn’t hurt to see your website URL, so I can check category archive pages.

Hi Aigars,

Sorry for not being more clear. I want my blog to have two pages (one for posts that are written about Mexico and another for posts about New Zealand). Is there a way to make a page show specific posts only (i.e. based on the post category)?

My website is

To add to this, my initial inquiry was regarding a categories widget. Please check my page When you click on a category under My Adventures In: it links to a blank page. Should this not like to a page with all posts belonging to that category?