Blank page navigate to section from blog page

hey support team,

I’m having an issue of seeing only blank page when I navigate to section such as contact from blog page. -> Click on the Contact at the menu bar

pls see attached for the result and setting.
appreciate if you could advise for a fix.
thank you!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please go to Dashboard > Updates and install any pending updates available there to ensure that you have the theme and the contact form plugin up to date.

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hey support team,

apparently I have everything up-to-date for the website.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I checked the page again and found that your text was in white. You can use the following CSS code to fix it by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Contact font color*/
.image-bg h1 {
    color: black;

.image-bg p, .image-bg li {
    color: black;

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hey support team,

the texts are in white to contrast of the background images on each section.
strange thing is that when navigate from the top menu bar, everything is gone including the sections’ background images.

did you really clear about the issue here?
kindly advise for a fix.
thank you.

Hey there

Antonio sorry for the long delay, i will try to help you now

Have you added css code provided here in the appropriate place? i guess no and can you do that now?
please add that code and lets check out what happens

I do know whats the code will be doing and tried, it is not working.

furthermore I couldn’t be changing the font color to black as it doesn’t contrast with my background item on my front page.

please investigate further into the issue as I’m not sure whether your are really clear about what’s the problem. all my background images aren’t showing if navigating from other page such as from the blog page. please try that instead.



ok, dont want to loose your time by sending different solution her, can you send me your admin details here privately? i will check what going on and will try to resolve your problem
dont forget to use set as private reply check mark under reply box
antoniokam, [email protected]

hey team,

did you guys went in and cleared off my CSS?
fortunately there is autosave copy else I will lost all of it, pls take note if you are to troubleshoot, appreciate that you could restore back to original.

thank you.


Antonio don’t worry, its me, I’m checking your website right now, your CSS is safe :wink:

Ok, i see you restored it, anyway i saved copy,
now, lets back to the problem, this is not related to the css of the website, no css is needed to fix it, the problem you have is related to your SSl certificate, yet i don’t exactly know what it is because this is the first time i see such problem, once we navigate from blog page to contact or home page no images is loaded on the page and once our text is white on dark background images that the reason why we have a blank page, text is there but they are white.
this is the report text in the debug console:

The SSL certificate used to load resources from will be distrusted in M70. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading these resources. See for more information.

i still need time to check what it is and meanwhile, can you talk with your ssl provider about this problem? or if you acquired this certificate from the hosting, could you talk with them? i will do research this on my end too

hey Noda,

as far as I know, the SSL cert was a shared certificate as given free by my hosting provider upon me signing up their plan. I actually not intended to have one and so. It did give me a problem as some browser detect my website as unsafe to visit because the SSL cert domain mismatched with my website(coz it is a shared SSL).

I am not sure if this is preventing the website from loading properly but so far so good only the issue we are trying to solve here. I will try to get them to disable the SSL and see how it goes.


Antion thank you for prompt reply,

Yes indeed, im almost sure this SSL is giving the issue on the website, im not saying generall ssl is giving problem its not properly configured or something like that :slight_smile:


I tried with my hosting provider to disable the SSL moment ago and the issue still persist so I assumed it is non related to the SSL cert?


Sorry but it still uses https, you can check it too
i just checked and all pages still use https

I enabled it after the testing.
I will disable it for the next 30mins and you can have a look at it.
thank you.

Hello Antonio,

Thank you for being so patient!
I have went ahead and fixed the issue for you. You can check it out, as well - it works now.
The problem was with how that menu item was created. You have made it using a custom link, instead of using ‘Homepage sections’ > selecting the from the drop-down menu ‘Connect me’ > adding it a url and a label.

For a better understanding you can take a look at how I added it in your main menu.
Also here is a screenshot: Screenshot - 25ec2f4c945d4ea76d1c98e9d4d54cea - Gyazo

Hope this helped! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line anytime.

Best wishes,


got it.
so do you mean it is nothing wrong with working with a SSL, just the way I created the link right?