Blog change after update version

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry for my english not fluent but i hope you can understand me…
I update the new version of shapely and i lost my homepage and my extra css code… i just do it again manually and everything seem okay except this points:

1/But i have some changes like i cannot quit the image on testimonials sections… I don’t want to put an image but it seems it’s obligatory in the new version?

2/ I prefer the template as wide page for pages in my web and now it’s a reduced template… the template is the same as article of blog and before it was different.

3/On the demo version, on the main page of the blog

all the articles are displaying one below the other with solo the first line of the article.
But now on my web it appears on 2 columns (like a grid) and the whole text of the article is visible on the page, so it’s very confusing to find witch pages you want to see…
I prefer the old version.
How can i set up the main page of blog to display the article like in the demo…
I send you a screen capture so you can see how it’s displaying in my blog now

thank you so much


Im having the sme provblem ie. point 3.

Posted about it a few days ago with no answer - looked through all the options on the tempalte - no my blog looks awful.

No anser from anyone yet - frustrating.

Found the solution - not the best but works

go to your posts and select the first post add ‘insert read more tag’ it the two thick line with a dotted line icon above yuor post.

save and check your blog.

you will have to do this to every post.

Thank you very much Rob, it’s okay it works, but we have to do it manually on each post…

Do you know how can i remove the date on the post? I don’t want people see when i publish my post…
Thank you!

yep that’s an easy one go to apperance - customise -additional css and add

display: none;

the date should then dissapear. :slight_smile:

Perfect! thank you!!

no problem :slight_smile:

Hi @robfarrell1969 Thanks for helping out. :slight_smile:
Hi @cocoflamenco, if you have any other question, feel free to create a new thread. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any other questions guys.


Hi @robfarrell1969, could you tell me what size you use for your featured image on post page?
Now i can see my images are not in a good resolution.

Thank you for your help,


Hi @cocoflamenco,

I replied you about the featured images on your thread, can you check it?

Let us know,