Blog Index Page Setup

I’m trying to set my blog index page like this:

Mine shows like this:

I’d like the blog main page to show the featured image, author name, date, and blurb only. Where can I change the settings so that it’d not show the entire text? Thank you very much for your beautiful theme.


The first post is the sticky post :slight_smile:

Great. Sticky post is done. Thank you.
How about the rest of my question?

How do I set the blog index page in a way that it only shows featured image, title, date, author of the post with a BLURB only? Currently, it shows the entire text.

By the way, I changed into “Summary” under Settings>Reading>For each post … instead of "Full text’ It still shows full text on the blog index page

Hey there

Sorry, I missed it :slight_smile:

You just need to use read more tag or excerpt of your blog post, check this out:

It works wonderfully. Thank you!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

Sorry to bother but I have one more question.
How can I make sure that the title of each blog post is stated completely on the blog index page?


Im sorry but this is not possible, this is how it works by default, and without customization, this is not possible to show them all

Please start a new ticket if you have new questions :slight_smile: