Blog page header image bigger height?


I’m using Shapely theme. The front page looks fine. But on the blog pages the header image size is limited to 1900 × 225 pixels. Is there a way to increase the header image size on the blog page so I can upload a bigger image, for example 1900 × 500 pixels?

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In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look


Here is an example URL of a page with the header image on a blog page.

Attached is a screenshot of the customize settings in Wordpress. You can see it only allows an image size of 1900 × 225 pixels. Can the image height be made bigger, like 1900 × 500 pixels?


any ideas how to do this?


Try this code:

.page-title-section {
height: 269px;

Height will be changed but not sure how image will behave in it :slight_smile:


I tried adding the code and it stretches the image out to 269px (I also tried other bigger pixel values too).

I tried squashing an image in Photoshop from 269px to 225px first to see what happens when I add it into Wordpress, but the code stretches the image in 4 directions, not just downwards. So it messes the image up :frowning:

Wordpress always wants to crop the image to 225 px height, even with the code. Is this a part of Wordpress that can’t be changed?


please add this code as well:

.header-image-bg {
background-size: contain;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

and you will see blank space under the image, this is the space you must fill with your image by resizing it in photoshop

thanks! I got it to work OK.

It works better with only this code

.page-title-section {
height: 330px;

I discovered that if I upload an image 1940 px wide to Wordpress, it only gave me the option to crop it to 1940 * 225.
But when I upload a smaller image eg. 1500 *539 px it gave two options “Crop” or “Skip Cropping”. So selecting “Skip Cropping” allowed through a photo with a bigger height. The browser stretches the photo out OK, so its working fine. Thanks
Final version at

Thak you for sharing solution :slight_smile:

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