Blog pages show at most / not working


I set up my Settings to have only 5 blog posts on each page (see attachement). However, my home page shows ALL my blog posts since the beginning (definitely more than 5, I’ll leave the URL below).
Is that normal? How can I fix that?
My home page is like a never ending one… I really don’t like it!

Thank you!

Hi @thehandbagdiary,

Thank you for your question.

It seems you have made all your posts sticky posts therefore it is happening so to resolve this issue please make your posts unsticky as shown in the attached screenshot.

Best Regards,


I put them as sticky posts because otherwise they don’t appear on the home page when I publish them… Any idea to solve that problem then?

Thank you!

You statements seem contradictory for me.

You want to display only 5 blog posts on each page but want to display all sticky posts on the home blog page.

How is this possible?

Please advise.