Blog post - date shown twice


I noticed that my blog posts are showing some issues: the date is shown twice (first the original date and then the date the post was edited). The second issue is that if I untoggle the option “Show category”, it doesn’t work. The category of the post is still there.

Any suggestions?


Hi Alex

Let me see it, please provide url of the affected page and I will review it


Hi. here is the url: Blog

I believe the other day I opened Wordpress and updated the theme. Since then I noticed those issues. I did not change anything else on my website.

Appreciated your help.

Hi there

Sorry, i really cant say why is like that without a investigation from the backend, can you please share your admin details in a private reply?


Hi there

Sorry about that, this problem is already reported and fix will be available in the next theme update
Sorry fo the delay


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