Blog post showing like in the demo

Hello everybody!

A total Wordpress begginer here. Downloaded dazlling theme but i cannot figure out how to make posts show like they do in the demo (pic attached).

I have read the documentation, but i guess i dont understand enough yet. Would really appreciate your guidance - where do i have to play around (with menu, widgest, static page, background image,… no idea)


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In order to edit the theme please go to Appearance > Customize and the theme settings will be there. Also, could you please provide a link to the site along with an image of the problem area?

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Thank you for such a quick response. I know i can customize it there but i dont know how i can set them up so the blog posts are like there on the demo.

Page is a mess, because i have been trying to find the way to show blog posts like that: Where and how do i turn on those blog previews?

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Go to the customization options.
Actively options > Layout Options .
Select the fullwidth button.

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