Blog posts page 2 shows same posts as page 1 with wrong picture size


on I set up a blog like display of posts as described in the documentation.

When I go to page 2 something strange happens. It shows the exactly same articles with big feature images. What one expects is different articles (the older ones) with pictures like on page 1:

Does anyone have experienced this?


This shouldn’t affect “pagination”, however, default template with large images are used for archive pages (category, tags, etc). However, this can be changed via a simple modification.

Here is more information on that:

It can also be achieved via Child Theme with tiny tweaks.

Thanks, but this is not what really bothers me. The fact that I cannot see the older articles is the problem here. Please check these two links:

These show the same posts (with different image size)…


This has something to do with customization you have done for this theme. Our theme demo use latest theme version and here is an example with medium images and second blog page, it works like it should:

ok, found out that this was because I set Startpage to a static page and both options beneath to the same value