blogs entries and date format

I want to know how to change the date format of posts in blog.
I select a format in wordpress settings but when I publish the post this format change automatically. How can I control this?



Hello Noemi,

To change the date format you should have a look inside the FTP theme folder > inc > components > entry-meta > > line 74

Let me know if you got it alright,

Kind regards

Yes, It works. So now I nedd change the date format on comments, where is the code that I have change?
Thanks for all


You should try going to Dashboard > Settings > General and change the Date format.

Let me know if it was as easy as this or we have to dig up the files Function Reference/comment date « WordPress Codex

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thank you for this solution. Is this update-save, or am I required to redo the change after an update of the theme?

Thank you

Hello Jan,

Since we are talking about WordPress installation general settings it has nothing to do with what theme you are using. Any theme update shouldn’t and will not influence this settings so it’s just Update - Save.

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Hi Ion,

thank you for the feedback. While the changes to the general wordpress instance are update-save, the necessary changes to are not. Is there a way I can preserve the date form of blog posts during updates?


To be safe about any future update you should do all the core files modifications in a child theme: