Blurry Images & Indiv Blog Post Sidebar

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Two questions:
1 - Why are the images I upload blurry for the blog preview images and “our team” on the front page sections? You can see the original images are high res ( For ex: ). How can I fix this so they do not show up blurry?

2 - I have updated the Widgets in the Blog Sidebar and therefor on the main blog page the widgets show up accordingly, but on an individual blog post it doesn’t use that sidebar. How can I change the sidebar that shows up on individual blog posts to be only “search” and “recent Posts” and remove comments. I would also like to remove the ability to comment on posts.
Blog page: - otbydesign Resources and Information.
VS Blog post: - otbydesign Resources and Information.

Hey there

  1. So, you are asking about blog section on the homepage? yes, I see images are blurry, are you using any image optimization or CDN services? can you please deactivate it? Jetpack also can do such tricks
  2. but I see they are using the same widgets? is this fixed?


  1. I’m not using jetpack or any image optimization services. What is CDN?
  2. The widgets are now updated on the individual blog posts. How do I disable commenting?