Blurry Logo and Unable to Upload SVG as Logo

Before Uploading logos it crops and the result is a blurry logo. Even the logo shown in demo isn’t crisp.

For the same reason, SVG files can’t be uploaded as LOGO since it asks for cropping and the SVG can’t be cropped there.

Or, may be it’s just me. Then, I would like to know what I should’ve done that I didnt and have the result like this.

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Please try using this image optimization plugin then re-upload the image:

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I already use this plugin. Doesnt seem to solve the problem.


Maybe i can help you but right now you are not using our theme on your website

I think I didn’t changed the theme after taking the screenshot for example. I’m going to change.
Feel free to give me the next instructions.

Note, the image isn’t blurry at all. It works fine in other themes except any theme that asks for cropping.

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This issue can be caused by having out dated plugins and themes so ensure that the theme and plugins are up to date.

Another option is to use this plugin to enable SVG support:

Let me know if these options help at all.

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actually ,I added a little bit of code and the theme doesnt block the uploading of SVGs.
I also installed the plugin you mentioned no luck.

The problem is actually here. In both case. For PNG it crops and img becomes blurry
and for SVG it cant crop.

How to disable it?
P.S: Its a pop up before uploading the logo.

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I would recommend that you use the following plugin to make a child them for the code changes and make a backup before making the changes:

You can stop the cropping but you would have to change the code in the theme:

1 Edit functions.php file in theme folder by FTP or the Appearance > Editor menu

2 Search for “add_image _size” and change ALL true words to false in this part of code. This will disable crop for this images sizes in WordPress.

3 Save the changes.

4 Go to the WordPress Backend, Tools > Thumbnails regeneration and run process. Wait until all images will be resized.

Another option is to use a plugin like this one:

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As for your first method, there is only 3 line code in functions.php and add_image_size is not there.
And for the second, that plugin doesn’t work while uploading logo.
I think you didnt notice, even in the demo the logo is a little blurry. It’s not a coincidence I think

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I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

The correct file to edit the image size is in newspaper-x\inc\class-newspaper-x.php at around line 267.

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