Bootstrap link (wizard-15)

Hi, there.
I downloaded the colorlib-wizard-15 template to test.
In your site, this is a bootstrap template.
I need to use others bootstrap class.
But, where is the link to access bootstrap?
which bootstrap version is used?


Hey there

This is the link to the Bootstrap:
You will find a version of the bootstrap in the template package, in the bootstrap file

Hi. Thanks for the answer.
I was not clear on my question. Sorry. I will try again… :wink:
Inside template package I not found a version of the bootstrap.
In “vendor/” folder there is only (jquery/ jquery-steps/ jquery-validation/ minimalist-picker/ nouislider/ wnumb/).
The link I was looking for was inside the html. There is only:

In my attempt to put the bootstrap package inside the html, the layout change.
Can you help me understand how bootstrap is used in the wizard-15 template.

In the reply the html was lost.
What i include was:
The link I was looking for was inside the html. There is only:
"link rel=“stylesheet” href=“fonts/material-icon/css/material-design-iconic-font.min.css”
"link rel=“stylesheet” href=“vendor/nouislider/nouislider.min.css”
"link rel=“stylesheet” href=“css/style.css”

Hi there

You are using this form right?

Well, it doesnot contain Bootstrap, its a custom made template with custom css :slight_smile: