Bootstrap template on Glitch

I would like to use an html website template like Mobapp on my project on Glitch. Could someone explain to me how to do this ? I’ve downloaded the zip file and tried to upload all the files, but I saw many files like images were not correctly uploaded and it is not convenient to open every folder to be able to upload the files.

Thank you in advance

Hey there

Its a usual HTML template, you just need to upload it to any normal webserver and you will be able to access it from any browser, im not sure what exactly is your problem

Thank you for your reply. Actually I’m a beginner in coding and I don’t know how to upload it on glitch. The only thing I can do is uploading one file after another and it would be way too long to upload every file without missing one from the zip folder of the template.
And I didn’t find any tutorial to do it

Hey there

I would recommend checking their requirements about this, this template is a standalone HTML template, it will work in any normal web server but not sure about Glitch, most probably it will not work like on normal servers