Boxus - simple bug. Fix available?

Hi there! Wonderful template, I’m looking forward to completing my customizations and publishing it online!
Quick question please: I believe it was asked in the public page for the template, but you pointed the person here, however I don’t see it asked again, or answered (of course).
Simply; when you scroll down, and the title bar changes color to match each numbered colored box for each section as you scroll past, if you then scroll all the way back up to the top, the title bar remains green (the sect 01 color) instead of reverting to the deep-blue that is the base color that the page that the title bar starts out as (example, reload the page corrects the initial color at the top).
Many thanks!

Hello James

Yes, this easy bug can be fixed by this css: {
background-color: #221C5A !important;

let me know if it worked :slight_smile:

Thank you Noda! That worked like a charm.


That’s great :slight_smile: I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions


Long time no see! I’m back, with another hopefully simple question.

That fix you provided some years back has worked great. However, I just noticed that the text in the menu doesn’t flip back to white when you scroll up past section 1. The menu fix you provided works, but the text stays green. I took a shot in the dark and added “color: #ffffff !important;” to that css code block above, but it didn’t work. Suggestions!? Thanks again! James.

Hi James

ok, let’s check, can you please provide a direct link to your website where I can see the problem?

Hi! Thanks - here’s the link.


Also, the sendmail section isn’t working properly. I’m trying to debug it myself now, but the issue is that when the user types in a VALID email address, then the email is NOT sent to MY email (the one configured in config.php) BUT if the users types a bogus email into the sender’s email field, then the contents of the mail IS sent to my my email address. If you have any thoughts about that I’d greatly appreciate a hint there too!

Thanks again!

Oh… I think this might be related to my email problems.

DreamHost email php docn

Hey there

The fact that you are receiving mails tells me that mail form functionality is correct, I would recommend talking with your hosting support about it,
Yes, that might be related to the hosting environment

Update: I fixed my email issues. Thx!

Any thoughts about that menu text color sticking to the last color that we scrolled past (usually green, because section 1 “Services” is green on my site.)

Cheers, J.

Good to know :slight_smile:

You may use something like this: a {
    color: #fff !important;

Unfortunately that kills the lovely feature where the menu-text-color changes to match each section as you scroll through. A desirable fix would be that once you scroll BACK UP to the home section (from down below on the page), then the menu text turns BACK to white, like it does when you enter the site clean, or totally refesh the page. Perhaps this is a non-trivial fix requested? Thanks!

[Edit: PS - even better than white, …and this is a design suggestion/change to your template: Instead of the top menu starting all white - the selected “HOME” should be bold-white as it is, but the rest of the menu items should be that salmon-pink color that is part of the Boxus theme. Of course keep the menu-color-change-feature as you scroll through the sections AS IS, but coming back up, it goes back to white and PINK. Good idea? :slight_smile: Anyway, one thing at a time eh? Let’s fix the bug first? Thanks again! ]

[Edit 2: Please note that the following user of your template’s site suffers from the same bug with the Home section menu color: DANIEL SCHÜRER Intelligent design solutions - cheers]

Hey folks! Any luck debugging the menu color issues described above? Thanks! J


Hey folks - just wondering if anyone is looking into this bug? I could really use some advice here. Also, if it’s not an easy fix and you don’t have time, I’d love to know that too.

Finally, if it’s not clear what I’m asking about, I’d be happy to get on a call with someone to walkl you through the problem, it’s very easy to demonstrate and will take less than 5 minutes for the entire call.

Thanks kindly! James.

HI James

Please take my apologies for the delay :frowning:
Regarding your problem, yes, I see it, the only solution I can offer is the CSS code posted above, I cant help globally fix this bug because it require developer and I can only report this issue, hovewer it will require some time to fix, its a JS problem