Breakpoint problems

I installed the Responsive menu plug-in which works well except for the breakpoints - your original breakpoint worked perfectly, the hamburger appeared as the old top menu disappeared. However, I can’t find the correct breakpoint for the responsive hamburger menu, and I get both together as in the screenshot - the problem there is that the top menu links don’t link properly (the reason why I installed Responsive menu) and so this view is confusing, Can you tell me what the original Sparkling breakpoint is? I’ve looked in styles.css but can’t find anything about breakpoints. The Responsive menu suggests 800px as the breakpoint, but this seems too soon.

OK. After at least four hours mucking about, I have discovered the breakpoint, which is at 767px, as far as I can work out. Is this something I could have found out elsewhere and saved myself the four hours brain-bashing? I leave it here anyway for anyone who needs it.

Awesome great to see you got that found.

You can also use the tool and resize your browser to know the breaking point.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!

That’s great, thank you. I’ve bookmarked that site now.

all very best

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: