Broken editor for advanced slider in Epsilon Page Builder @ Portum

Dear Colorlib,

I’m using the theme Portum for a while now for a few sites of my company. I’m really happy with the theme i purchased @ Macho Themes, but currently i am having some issues (i think after a Wordpress update). The advanced slider in the Epsilon Page Builder is broken: while editing slides, the editor looks broken (i added a printscreen.


This is happening at least in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. I am using Portum v.1.0.6 and Wordpress 5.6.1 and PHP 7.0.

I am aware of the fact that this might be an update issue, but i dont want to downgrade the Wordpress systems. Can I ask you for paid support?


Thank you in advance,

Yours sincerly,

Jorg Huizinga
Retail Entertainment BV

Hey there

You need to contact Machothemes if you made a purchase with them:


Thank you for your respond. They say i have to contact you since they yesterday told me that Portum is no longer part of Macho Themes repository. I’ll contact them again but I am afraid they will point to your organisation again.

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hi Jorg

OK, so, you have a problem with the slider? right now I see the slider is working normally on your frontend, if your problem is still not resolved send me your admin details privately and I will check it

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I have sent an e-mail to [email protected] since i cannot find how to dm you (sorry). Since it is for 3 sites i understand if there are costs.

Kind Regards,


Hi did you ever figure this out?

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Yes, thank you for your attention.

What was the solution as I have the same problem. I am attempting to fix using custom css. I can temporarily revert to the correct configuration in the inspect mode, but am unable to work out how to do it permanently.

Macho Themes bought this theme (and development) so they are able to help you like they helped me. I don’t know the exact solution, i gave them acces and it looked like they fixed it quite easily while they were very fast. The best thing to do is to contact them @ [email protected]

Feel free to refer to my case/ name

Thank you, I’ll give a go.

I just send you a private message @upstate , you can reply back

Sent message from link

Just replied, I need access credentials for investigation

I don’t want to give access. You must have a rough idea what is wrong based on the previous query up the chain.

Hi there

I’m sorry, but without checking it directly I can’t say what’s wrong with it, probably you can get more relevant replies from the plugin developers: