Broken website after updating to Wordpress 5.6

many functions of the theme are broken after the latest update Wordpress 5.6.
WP made a change to the jQuery version.

Here are the current problems:

  • Images are not loaded in parallax sections with image position “background small”.
  • There is an error message from jQuery Migrate:
    Notice: jQuery.fn.load () is deprecated
    Plugin: Colorlib 404 Customizer
    File location: domain/wp-content/plugins/colorlib-404-customizer/assets/js/customizer . js
    Triggered on page: domain/wp-admin/customize . php ? return = % 2 Fwp-admin % 2F themes . php

jQuery version needs to be updated. I temporarily solved the problem by enabling the old version of jQuery with the jQuery Migrate plugin, but this is not a recommended method.
An update is required.

Please provide an update for the WP theme Shapely and for the 404 Customizer plugin. Thank you.

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hey there

Sorry, about that, its already reported and will be fixed in the future updates,
thank you for sharing the solution, im also suggesting the same for other users before the update happens



I seem to have the same problem. The footer menu is broken, the side menu is broken. The projects menu is being displayed differently.
Can someone help, please?

Thank you!