Bug wuth thumbnail single product woocommerce

Hello, on this page (exemple) https://www.noroitlabo.com/prod/olis after many theme update, the thumbnail product woocommerce change apparence.
It’s boring.
Can someone help me on this?


Now the thumbnail are vertical, I want horizontal under the main image.

I’have 2.0.2 version of unite, and 2.0.8 is available, but if I update, all is broken (it’s an other subject, the theme child is not well constructed (from other person).

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Kindly use the following custom CSS and let me know how it goes.

.woocommerce div.product div.images div.thumbnails {

Colorlib Support Team

Hi thanks !
the thumbnail are gone :frowning: (check online)

ok i put it back as it was, here is a screenshot : Screenshot by Lightshot

an other solution ?

ok with display:inline-flex, it’s ok.
But now do you know why the thumbnail don’t open in the main div above ?

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Please check it on plugin conflicts, deactivate all your third party plugins and check again,this might be a third party plugin conflict

Hi, it was a problem with theme child that I found… thanks for your help !

Thank you for sharing solution

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions