Bullet Points and Caption Color

Hey there!

I scanned through the past posts but couldn’t find any code to change the grey caption and bullet pointed content to black. I have successfully used your code from other forum questions to change the bulk of my text to black font. This is what my Additional CSS looks like currently:

p {color:#000000;}

.logo-carousel img {width: 175px;max-height: 175px;}

.shapely_home_parallax p {
color: black !important;}

div#shapely_home_parallax-6 h1 {color: black;}

/font text/ p {font-size: 16px;}

The dark red fonts I am trying to change are on every page you can be seen here: https://www.mangazuki.online/manga/genjitsushugisha-no-oukokukaizouki/

Can you recommend new code or should I tinker one of these I already have down?

Thanks for creating and supporting Shapely!

Hey there,

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

Please add this CSS;

    border-left-color: black !important;
.site-header .main-navigation.style-1, .widget-heading, .widget.background:after, .c-blog__heading.style-2 i, .tab-wrap .c-nav-tabs ul.c-tabs-content li.active a:after, .tab-wrap .c-nav-tabs ul.c-tabs-content li:hover a:after, .tab-wrap .c-nav-tabs ul.c-tabs-content li a:after, .related-heading.font-nav, .c-blog__heading.style-3, .settings-page .nav-tabs-wrap ul.nav-tabs li.active a, .off-canvas {
    background: black !important;

in appearance - customize - additional CSSThanks!
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