Burger menu not working on mobile


Great wordpress theme!

I ran into couple of support requests reporting the same issue I am encountering right now. The burger menu in mobile is not working and the dropdown isn’t working on desktop and mobile as well.

I tried working on the suggestions of some people who reported the same issues. Such are, replacing a new cache plugin, installing JQuery plugin, and updating plugins and themes. I even tried disabling some plugins to test if there’s any conflict, but still didn’t work. Could you kindly advise if there’s any fix into this? Will there be a new theme update release that would fix this issue?

Our website is https://www.liferecoverycenters.net/.

Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

hey there

Sorry about that, yes, this problem affected many WordPress themes, and it’s already reported, we need to wait for the next theme update where this problem will be fixed

Thank you for letting us know. We hope to have it really soon as many of our site visitors cannot navigate to our site through menu.

Thanks again!


yes, they will be resolved soon, thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

I unfortunately have the same problem. I use this great theme on some of my websites.
I was able to solve the sup menu problem with a snippet in the css, but the hamburger menu doesn’t work.

Question: Could the error also occur due to old PHP version 7.3? Got a website with new PHP version 7.4 that works fine.

I’m happy about an update of the theme …
and first of all I wish a happy new year.

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Hey Colorlib-team,
I have also been using this beautiful theme on several websites for years. I was able to solve the problem with the submenu via a snippet. But the so-called burger menu doesn’t work.
The error can also be found on your dazzling demo page

Only one website was converted to the new Wordpress version without errors … and I wonder whether it could be due to the PHP version 7.3 or 7.4 version.

I am waiting for an update from you.

Hi @colorlibsupport ,

We understand that this is caused by the theme itself. May we kindly ask when the theme update shall be released? It’s been months already and our site can’t be navigated well due to this issue.

Hoping to hear back from you.

Hi there

Sorry for the delay, you may use this plugin as a temporary solution to fix the problem with the mobile menu WP Mobile Menu – The Mobile-Friendly Responsive Menu – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

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I have the same problem. The WP Mobile Menu and the jQuery didn’t solved the issue.
An update would highly be appreciated!

Hi @sjowij . I have just fixed the issue with my menu icon in mobile view. I used the WP Mobile Menu plugin they advised. At first it’s not working, so I tried disabling plugins one by one. JQuery plugin and cache plugin conflicts with this plugin though so I had to remove it for a while until we find a permanent solution to Dazzling’s theme issue.

@sjowij can you please tell me why the Mobile Menu plugin is not working? it worked for anybody here

Thanks @Jaimee

@Jaimee To be honest, I’m not good at this. I often want to go too swift.
In the meantime, I have read the steps required for WP Mobile Menu. I will give it another try. I’m confident that I will get things right. I keep you posted. Thanks for your reply!

Well, it actually didn’t work for me right away so I did a little more digging in at the backend. Found out that there’s conflict with some plugins so I temporarily disabled them.

Let us know how it goes for you. :slight_smile:

@Jaimee ok, got it,

You may try this alternative :slight_smile:

@Jaimee I just can’t get it done.
I used this website and followed the instructions. But still no good.
I’m a rookie in this.
Any help would be appreciated (in layman’s terms please).

Ok, and what exactly is the probelm? can you please provide more details?

I followed the steps of the formentioned website. The website-menu on desktops stays the samen (good), but on the mobile there is no menu.

(This is my website: my website)


You are using not our theme on your website?

@colorlibsupport Not anymore. I changed it last night to another theme (with more recent updates), for now. Couldn’t get Dazzling to work properly on mobile. When an update is available I might go back to Dazzling. (If ever, I’m not holding my breath.)

Thanks for all the support and efforts! And for using the Dazzling theme for the last couple of years!

Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for being our customer

Have a nice wek