Burger menu not working on smartphone

The burger menu on smarphone (S. Galaxy S10e, S. Galaxy S7, S. Galaxy S5) is not working on our brand new web, can it be fixed somehow?

On desktop browser (Windows 10) it works without problem.

Our web : Domotica CZ

Thanks Petr

hey there

Problem is already reported, sorry about this
Please install this plugin and check again:

Hi @colorlibsupport

We are experiencing the same issue since last year. We already sent a support request here and we didn’t hear back from you yet. Is there any ETA for this problem?

JQuery Migrate Helper didn’t help, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, this didn’t help, the burger menu on any smartphone doesn’t work.

Do you have a functional solution, please? I need the template to be really responsive and fully functional on mobile phones.

Thank you very much.

Hi there

Sorry about that, you may use this plugin as a temporary solution before we fix the problem by the theme update: