Button "add & edit testimonials"

Hello, the “Add & edit testimonial” button does not work. I disabled my plugins and the problem is still there. Can you help me ?
I am on wordpress latest version.


Hi there

May I know what is the version of the WordPress and PHP on your site?
several customers also reported same problem,

My version php is 7.3

And ? How can i use the button ?

Hello, but what is the solution to make it work?

Hi there

I’m sorry, this is a bug and it been already resolved, sorry for incidence, it will be resolved in the next theme update


For information, it is also the buttons “Add & edit projects”, “Add & edit services”, “Add & edit counters”, "Add & edit members

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Hi @colorlibsupport
Do you have any estimate on when the next theme update will be delivered?
Thank you.

Hi there

Please take my apologies but I really can’t provide any estimated date

Hi Thanks for asking I request you to wait for few days We are working on it to resolve this issue. Actually we can’ t provide an estimated time but ASAP we will handle it.

takes some time huh?

the theme is unusable now…

Hi tehre

Latest and updated version of the theme can be downloaded form our GitHub page: