Button for selecting projects

he button for selecting projects and editing does not work.
Also, the button for selecting services does not work.

Help me to understand!

I have the same problem

Hi there

Usually similar problem is happening if you have PHP 8.0 please check and downgrade it below 8.0 version


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I always have php 7.4 enabled

@Jon1 ok, in this case send your admin details here in a private reply and I will check it

I sent you the details in a private message.
Any news?

Hi John

Sorry for the delay, It appears to be a bug and I already reported it here:

When can it be corrected?

Hi Jon

Sorry, but I cant provide any estimate time :frowning:

It’s a shame that all the tools and buttons in the “services” and “testimonials” and “team” sections don’t work. That’s why I chose the Ildy theme. I am very disappointed. I hope the problem will be solved soon.

Sorry about that @kpouch

I hope this problem will be fixed very soon :frowning:

I understood you.
Please report news as soon as it becomes available. We are looking forward to it!

Thanks for understanding, you will get an update notification in the dashboard once we release the update.