Buttons and Text over Hero Image


In the demo of this theme there is are purple and transparent buttons hovering over the hero image on the home page saying Read More & Download now. There is also text above them. How do you add these buttons and text boxes?

I think it’s a paralax widget, and you’ll find those buttons in that widget.
Set your homepage as a static one, and create the pages you want your buttons to refer to.
Then, it will work!
(At least, it works for me!)

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hi i have installed the shapely theme but the buttons 1 and 2 are not visible. Please how do i make it show on the hero image header? Thanks

You must first create a home page (name it homepage if you mind)
Then, set it to “static” in the customize section
Create the pages which the buttons will refer to.
Say the “About us”, and “READ MORE” buttons will refer to “About us” page and " Our MARVELLOUS STUFF" page.
Then you go to customize-> Widget-> Homepage-> Parallax

and you use your “hero” picture, then, in the bottom of the widget settings, you’ll find your buttons “1” and “2”
Fill the fields with the links to the pages you create, name your buttons accordingly, and BOOM…

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Along with setting page as static which Tom described above, you have to also set page template of that page to “Home Page” in the page edit screen.

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