Buttons Not Working in Google Chrome

For some reason when I view my website using Google Chrome the social media buttons and the arrows on my slider don’t work anymore. Everything works fine in Safari. Any ideas on what could be the problem? Thanks in advance!

This is my website:

Hi, everything works fine on my Google Chrome.

Thanks! Its good to know that it works for other people on Google Chrome. I must have messed up my Google Chrome settings somehow. Does it show the social media icon logos and the arrows on the slider, or does it just have squares? Because I should have clarified that the buttons function properly, but they just show white squares instead of the icons they are supposed to show.

It appears that Font Awesome and other CSS and library files are not working properly.

First things you should try:

  • Switch to another theme and remove Sparkling theme and install it again. This will not break any customizations you have done via Theme Options because they are written on database.
  • If this doesn’t help try to disable completely all plugins to see if any of them causes the issues.
  • If these steps doesn’t help try to go to WordPress dashboard - Dashboard - updates and hit Re-install now. This will not remove any customizations, settings or content.
  • If this doesn’t help clean your .htaccess file since there might be some wrong rewrite rules that block fonts from loading.
  • If none of this helps, make sure to contact your hosting provider and try to explain what is going on and he they might help since this might be server side problem as well.

Thank you so much for your response! I called my hosting provider and apparently when I had them switch my URL recently there was a discrepancy in my file where they had it without the www, so it was creating a lot of weird issues with wordpress, like not letting me log in to my site, taking away the black wordpress toolbar from the top of my site when I was logged in to dashboard, and messing with the icons on all of my buttons. They fixed that small discrepancy and now everything works great!


Thank you for clarifying! It did look strange to have error like this because Font Awesome icons were not loaded properly even tho the files were actually there in your website source.